This Website Is Hosted on Hostinger US Datacenter

If you’ve accidentally stumbled upon this website, note that this site is created for the sole purpose of tracking the performance of Hostinger’s web hosting services in North America. This website is hosted in their datacenter in America.

This test site runs on Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan.

At Bitcatcha, we dedicate our work hours to researching web hosting options for our readers, offering them the closest possible experience with a hosting company so they can make an informed decision about their purchase. Our reviews are in-depth, and we cover everything we possibly can so that our readers don’t have to.

This mission led us to create this website, as it is the only way to actively track Hostinger’s shared services in real-world applications.

You can expect to see uptime tracking results, server response tests, and anything else we might come up with over here. If you’re so inclined, to hop on over to our site to check out our detailed review on Hostinger’s Shared Services!

Results: Hostinger US Uptime (March 2019 – Today)

Next, we used a free monitoring tool called Uptime Robot to track the uptime of this website. Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime, so we shouldn’t be expecting anything less. Obviously we want to see 100% uptime, but with so many variables (glitchy tracker, network going down, etc) it may not be possible to get those results, so we’ll settle for at least 99.9%.

(This counter is constantly updating.)

Results: Hostinger US Server Speed Test Results

One of our most important criteria when it comes to reviewing a web host is their server speed. We want to see how fast their server responds to a request from anywhere around the world. What usually happens when we load up a site is we enter the URL into the browser, then the browser will resolve the URL into an IP address and ping the the servers. The browser will then start requesting elements of the website, like images, codes, etc. All this needs to happen within milliseconds, for it to be considered to be responsive to the human eye.

We measure the server’s speed by server response time. This allows us to evaluate the efficacy and quality of the network, as well as the hardware of their datacenter.

With our proprietary server response time tool, we pinged Hostinger US datacenter from 10 locations around the world, which emulates 10 people from around the globe accessing this website at the same time. The test results show us how fast Hostinger’s US server responded to each location, benchmarked against Google’s recommended response time of sub 200 ms.

See the full results below:

  • Rating: A+
  • Worldwide Average Speed: 136 ms
  • Average Speed in America (US East & US West): 48 ms
  • See The Full Report

We averaged out the results from each location to give us a worldwide average. In this case, Hostinger’s worldwide average is 136 ms, which is much faster than Google’s recommended speeds!